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CHARNEGY  focus on clearly defining the goals and activities that will get measurable results. Whether it’s a marketing or influencer campaign, social media strategies, content creation, or organizing an event, we know that we have to help you achieve your business goals.

Our New Service is comprised of four different areas, managed in one holistic approach:

1. Social Media Management

Unlock the potential of your presence through Socials. Reach out, foster relationships, and drive sales with our ROI-driven strategies and activities.

2. Influencer Management

Like always, we offer you the opportunity to work with our Talent. Now, we offer the same service in a retainer model , event that we will continuously develop, execute, and optimize.

3. Campaign Management

With our latest CHARNERGY APP, PPC Platforms (such as Google AdWords) & Social Campaign management, we boost traffic, clicks, conversions, and brand awareness for your web goals.

4. Landing Pages & Analytics

Learn from the data and track your performance. We create landing pages and measure consumer behaviour flow to optimise your UX website & future campaigns.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Account Management.

Have your own dedicated account manager who is communicative and will continuously and purposefully grow your online presence.

Gain Visibility Into Key Business Metrics.

We measure the results of our efforts and provide you with the data you need to ensure your business thrives. You can be confident that we strive to reach.

Strategize For The Long-Term.

Key dates and holistic planning is a bonus during our process. We develop Content Calendars, Digital Strategies & Month by Month Reporting.

Convert Fans & Get More Leads.

Move any potential leads along with your sales funnel. We drive audience engagement and registrations through various web-hooks & Call to Action Campaigns.

Save Time & Be Efficient.

Use up your time in other areas of your business while leaving us to handle your digital needs. Our team will use the best practices and tools to make sure no time is wasted.

Increase Engagement & Grow Your Audience.

A high quality and targeted audience will be developed to engage with your digital activities. We create and curate the appropriate balance of content that is critical to your growth, along with A/B Testing to measure & optimise your campaigns.

6 Reasons Client Choose Us

In the rare case of bad press for your company, influencers are able to rise to the occasion and defend your brand by providing positive, personal experiences they’ve had. Because they are an unaffiliated voice, their opinion are viewed as unbiased and can help calm the situation.

Many successful companies maintain a sizable influencer program in order to make the buying process for consumers more personable. A powerful influencer program is able to assume the responsibility of a marketing team and sales representatives void the large expenditures.

People often seek the advice from other people about the efficiency of a product or service before they make a purchase. We are limited by their social channels which directly correlates with their potential audience.  However, outside of the brand’s traditional social media channels, We able through our own influence to form a more personal connection.

Due to the fact that we already have a robust online reach and professional affiliations within the industry, having our help in creating awareness can be very beneficial. 

We serves in the best interest of your organization because they are able to provide positive word of mouth. This goes a long way in developing a positive public image for your brand.

We have either application, blogs or websites of  own. However, if brought on board, we can easily provide back links and referrals for your company. This is a great way to increase inbound traffic and reach potential customers outside your potential channels.


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Step 1.

Determine your monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly ad spend. (We recommend a minimum of 
RM 4,000/month)

Step 2.

Contact us for more information and for our management fees. We will tailor a custom service for your brand.

Step 3.

Leave the hard work to Charnergy Management and receive our monthly reports on our efforts.


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