Get Your Energy Back

We use advanced Nano Negative Ion Technology to design and produce our products. 
Wear one and feel the difference in your daily life.

State-of-the-art technology protects from harmful effects of cell phone radiation and enhances wellness.

Support Your Lifestyle

Whether You are a CrossFit fan, laidback runner, yoga lover,
Student or a 9-to-5 worker, Charnergy Card can help.

Thin. Stylish. Developed intelligently. Any Age Level , Anytime and Anywhere.

Our radiation protection and Neg Ion products are designed for both stylish and incredibly effective. It has been intelligently designed to block harmful radiation and will enhances your wellness for daily usage.

REMARK : This card cannot use to treat disease or illness.

Negative Ions

Generated by effects in nature, 
negative ions are beneficial for our health, our bracelets help you bring
that balance back.

Improves Your Health

Advances in Negative Ion Technology used in our card accelerate recovery time from sports injuries and improve muscles, tendons and bones.

Improves Your Health

Increased amounts of negative ions help neutralize harmful effects your body suffers from environmental hazzards such as air and water pollution.

Active Lifestyle

Multiple Studies show that negative ion technology help your body heal faster, our bracelets can help accelerate injury recovery time and alleviate some pains.

Positive Vibes​

Ionic balance in your body helps your nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion By reducing the harms of electromagnetic fields.

Tested and Proven to generates above 2700 negative ion

All our products been tested professionally by Thidrd Party to ensure and provide world class quality to all users safely with safety and effectively

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