From what makes us unique to what drives us to be, you’ll be sure to find the most frequently asked questions in this section. If you don’t see something that you’d like addressed, please feel free to contact us using our site form or by emailing info@charnergy.com.my

Our chargergy card using korea tachnology, such as energy powder material, they all contain negative ions – a naturally occurring powder with numerous health benefits.

No. The ions have been emitting since before they were processed into the charnergy card, and they will not stop anytime soon.

The negative ion card by Charnergy emit the highest amount of negative ions (or anions) in the market today.

The average measurement of negative ions on Charnergy Card and necklaces is more than 2500 negative ions per cubic centimeters (cm3) per second, while the highest measurements frequently observed are up to more than 2700.

Yes. All our cards are waterproof and able to be use in the water.

Not necessary, unless you are person that have no sleeping problems. Then suggestion you take off the card at night.

Yes. There are no magnets in this, so they are safe to wear regardless of any medical conditions.

It depend on individual body reaction. If you do have a reaction, please email or call us immediately. We are happy to work with you.

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