We founded CHARNERGY for ONE REASON – to bring out the BEST IN YOU.
We believe our innovation and technology products will change the
new trend in wellness industry.


DR ALEXANDER LIM, Wellness and Health Specialist

He has more than 20 years of experience in the wellness industry as World Class Coach with 1st Class Honors achievement in DBA and Master in Sport Management.

His belief created and founded CHARNERGY Services and Neg Ion products that will change the new era in wellness and fitness industry for one reason.


  • Master Performance Coach (National Sport Performance Association, USA)
  • Master Lifestyle Coach (International Sport Science Assiociation, USA)
  • Youth Coach Level 2 (RRCA, USA)
  • Power Plate Coach (Power Plate Association, UK)
  • Metabolic Nutritionist (MP Body, AUS)
  • Pre / Post Natal Exercise Specialist (AFPA, USA)
  • Cross Fit Level 2 Coach (Crossfit Inc, USA)
  • Cross Fit Kid Level 1 Coach (Crossfit Inc, USA)
  • Spartan SGX Coach (Spartan Coaching Association, USA)
  • Kettlebell Instructor (ATSCI, RUSSIA)
  • Track and Field Coach (USATF, USA)
  • Kickboxing Level 1 Trainer (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations)


  • COVID-19 Impact on Infection Control, Preparedness and Cancer Patients (Harvard Medical School)
  • COVID-19 in People with Diabetes or Obesity (Harvard Medical School)
  • The Impact of COVID 19 in Pediatrics (Harvard Medical School)
  • COVID-19 : Where Are We Today (Harvard Medical School)
  • Posture Pro Certification
  • Metabolic Training Certification
  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy Certification
  • National Standard for Youth Sport Workshop
  • ACE Exercise for Older People Workshop
  • ACE Fitness Nutritionist Workshop

We Make Into Your Daily Life

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